'Let's Go Dutch' - Introducing 'Gezellig' (pronounced 'Heh-Sell- Ick')

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We have all heard of 'Hygge' and 'Lagom', now as the clocks go back and the winter rolls in, let's discover how the Dutch make the most of these darker colder months.

'Gezelling' is the Dutch philosophy of embracing togetherness and cosiness. As the nights draw in, we need to surround ourselves with good company and comforting treats. The Dutch ethos of 'Gezellig' tells us we need to remember to slow down, make the most of every moment and take time to be with our loved ones.

This is a long-term lifestyle which the Dutch have perfected over many years and it's the little and simple things which make a happy home. Simple things such as a cup of tea and cake with family or gathering around the warmth of a firepit with our friends. It's all about belonging and togetherness.

There are many ways you can embrace 'Gezellig' in your home - here are a few simple ideas:

  • Brighten Up Your Home - Add candles and fairy lights to lighten up a grey wintry day and your home will feel cosier and warm.


  • Bring the Outside In - Adding greenery such as plants and flowers can bring instant colour and create a calming sanctuary where you can relax and slow down.


  • Snuggle Up - Blankets, throws, cushions... make the most of these cold spells to wrap up warm in the softest of fabrics and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones on a wet and windy afternoon.


  • Create a Feast - Nothing better than a slow-cooked stew or a home-made soup for friends and family to gather round especially after a long walk.


You will find many lovely things at Just Delights which will inspire you to embrace the Dutch 'Gezelling' such as fairy lights, scented candles, beautiful throws, Dutch inspired crockery and lots lots more.

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