Preparing Your Furniture Ready For Painting

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To get the best result when upcycling your furniture, you firstly need to assess the correct starting point for your project which will depend on whether the item is already painted, or waxed, or varnished, or maybe you're not too sure...

Watch This Short Video by Grand Illusions on How To Prepare Your Furnture For Upcycling



This is the easiest option - if the piece of furniture has previously been painted, stained or varnished, just give the surface a light sanding with some sandpaper and then evenly apply two coats of the paint. The first coat will act as a primer.



If you plan to distress your paintwork then we would recommend that you stain the new wood with our water-based Simply Stain first. Just brush it on, evenly and quickly. It's very easy to use and gives a lovely mellow result. Allow to dry and the seal the stained timber with two coats of our Simply Shellac. Then you can apply two coats of paint.



This is where we differ from some other brands of paint - you can paint directly onto a waxed surface but we doubt that this will be very tough in the future - it is highly likely that the paint will chip off over time or oily stains might appear.

We suggest that before you paint, you will need to remove the old wax which is surprisingly easy. This can be done by rubbing it gently with methylated spirits using a kitchen scourer and then wiping it clean with soapy water. Sugar Soap should do the trick as well. Allow to dry completely before applying two coats of our Simply Shellac to seal the timber.



If you cannot tell if a stained piece of wood is varnished ornot, then we strongly recommend that you wipe the item down with sugar soap before applying two coats of our Simply Shellac prior to painting - this will avoid any nasty stains appearing later on in the process.


For more information about any of the process or Grand Illusions products please ask a member of staff in store or call us on 01326 379075.


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